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Rezztek USA

Customized Rezztek® (6 Pack)

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6 Pairs of Rezztek® with your team Logo and Number on the heel

After ordering, you will receive an email from requesting your high resolution JPEG or PDF images for customization

Production time for custom orders is 2 weeks from receiving final artwork

Four patented layers, each specifically designed for your top performance. Water resistant and repellent to keep your top performance throughout the game..

1. Powerful adhesive with clean removal

2. Super strong fiber mesh for maximum durability

3. Resin for minimum energy loss and maximum flexibility

4. Grip surface for better puck control, shot speed & accuracy



An Independent study, Influence of Physical Properties of Hockey Stick Blade on Shots“ by Martin Plesch in 2019 compared Rezztek® to traditional hockey tape. This published scientific study confirmed that Rezztek® significantly improves the speed and accuracy of your shot by the below metrics.

Accuracy: 6% improvement
Energy: 5% improvement
Speed: 3% improvement
Junior is for youth and junior blades  (usually up to 12 years of age)
Senior is for intermediate and adult blades – (usually 13 years of age and over)


When properly applied, Rezztek® lasts up to 8-10 sessions.

Replace your Rezztek® when more than 30% of the surface area is damaged.

Click Here To Watch: How To Properly Apply Rezztek